Rent to Own

We have developed an easy Rent to Own Program. It is designed to help good people who have enough income and who pay their bills on time, but who have suffered damage to their credit for some reason, to be able to begin on the path to owning their own home. Essentially, we let you ride our credit for a couple years while you are living in the home and taking care of it, just as you would if you had been able to get your own traditional mortgage.
Additionally we provide a way for you to be working on repairing your damaged credit, or maybe begin to establish credit if you haven’t already done so. We have several mortgage officers who will work with with you and guide you through the entire process, entirely FREE to you!! That’s right. You can have an expert credit repair specialist devoted to helping you get your credit scores to where they need to be to get your own loan, and pay nothing for that service! Most such service providers charge $90-$150 per month!
The non-refundable lease option fee varies, depending on the home. It purchases for you the exclusive option to buy the home at a fixed price, anytime within the 24 month term of the lease. (An extension of this time frame may also be possible.) And you are assured that the price will not go up after perhaps you have made some nice improvements to the home, or the market value has increased. Even the monthly payments cannot go up for the first two years. (These payments are all inclusive of taxes and insurance.) And the non-refundable Lease Option Fee will be entirely applied to the principal when you decide to exercise your exclusive option to buy the home, just like a down payment.
In most cases, you will also receive a small credit against the principal for your monthly payments, each and every month. This is often about as much as you would have reduced your principal if you had been paying on a traditional mortgage. And this credit is given to you on the very first day you sign the contract! So if you are able to pay off early, you are just ahead of the game!
Speaking of signing the contracts… we are a legitimate company who has specialized in Lease Option selling of our homes since 2004. We won’t just meet you at a McDonalds somewhere and take your money from you. No, we conduct all our closings at Titan Title in Springfield, Mo, where they are witnessed and notarized. You will leave that day with your copies of all the documents. And we will pay these closing costs.
One more thing…there is another big advantage if you Rent to Own from us. You are not obligated to buy the home. If you should stay for the 2 years and decide you do not wish to buy the home, you are not obligated to do so. You may choose to give us a 60 day written notice at the end of your lease and just walk away. You certainly could not do that with a traditional mortgage!!
We hope this answers most of your questions about how our Rent to Own Program works. Please don’t hesitate to call if we can help in anyway. We look forward to helping you to buy your own home soon!!
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